Please call to schedule 617 390 7779

If this is your first visit to GoGlow, we highly advise that you call our guest services staff so that they may help you schedule your first appointment. This will ensure that your service and service provider are the best choice for you. If it is after hours or are just ready to roll the dice and book the appointment yourself, please take a look at our team bios to see who you think you’d vibe with!

Other inquiries

All other non-appointment related inquiries can be addressed via email at:



In order to schedule your appointment online, we ask that you please observe and agree to the following:

    1. After scheduling your appointment you complete the process by hitting the “confirm” button and then check your email inbox to ensure your appointment was accepted and scheduled.
    2. If you need to cancel your appointment we need a MINIMUM of 24 hours notice.
    3. Please note you cannot book an appointment with out a credit card on file. This confirms you have agreed to the cancellation policy. Your card will not be charged until after the service or under the cancellation terms. Your card is stored securely for payment for future use.


Cancellation Policy:

We understand life happens, but we want to express how important it is that you never no-show an appointment. If you can no longer make your appointment, we ask that you give us a minimum of 24 hours notice to ensure our ability to re-book your appointment slot. Most of the staff has a waiting list and can fill the spot as long as time is given. Confirmation emails and texts go out 72 hours before your appointment. Please be sure to hit confirm so we know you are coming or go on the app to reschedule/cancel or call.

  • Our cancellation policy requires 24 hours to cancel all appointments. If we are closed, please leave a voicemail, as we check them frequently. All guests are given (1) grace appointment for last minute scheduling changes, cancellations or no-shows.
  • All cancellations with less than a 24-hour notice will be a flat $50 fee.
  • All no shows will be charged the cost of the service scheduled.
  • At the time of booking (on-line or in person), you will be asked to secure a credit card for your appointment. By scheduling an appointment, you agree to our cancelation policy.


We do understand how easy it may be to forget an appointment therefore all our appointments are confirmed 48-72 hours’ prior via email, text and/or phone call for your convenience. In an effort to make sure that you are receiving our confirmations, please ensure that we have your current email address, cell phone number and any other important contact number on file.

As a courtesy, we will send out an email to confirm your service appointments three business day prior to your appointment date. Additionally, we send out a text message three business days prior to your appointment where we request a reply confirmation from you by text, where your appointment is then automatically confirmed in our system. Should we not receive a text message confirmation from you, we will then call you to confirm your appointment 1-2 days before. It remains your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times to avoid late arrivals, missed appointments and help us service our guests better by providing enough notice to avoid the cancellation fees.