Our Volume Course builds on the foundational knowledge learned in The Classic Course. This course is perfect for artists that are looking to take their skills to the next level. Learn elevated techniques that allow you to customize your clients look even further with the addition of handmade volume fans.

You can expect a comprehensive curriculum that covers: Volume Lash Theory, how to make fans, wrapping the natural lash, lash health, isolation and more. Fundamental skills include making hand made fans and wrapping them around the natural lash safely, these are focal points of this robust course

The 16 hour course is structured to provide theory and hands-on practical experience.

You'll also receive a kit valued at $350 as part of the tuition, so you can immediately implement what you've learned during the two days. 

Not only will you receive personalized attention during the training, but you'll also receive ongoing support as you build your skill and techniques as a lash artist.  


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