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Classic EyeLash Extensions Hands On - In Person 05/06/24

Classic EyeLash Extensions Hands On - In Person 05/06/24

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Where Our Class Practice 
65 Willard Street, Quincy Massachusetts 02169 USA
What you will learn
  • Our Classic Extension Program teaches fundamental through to advance technique for Classic (1:1) lash application.
  • Classic Extensions is ideal for first-time lash artists or seasoned artists seeking a more robust understanding of technical skills and more advanced skills like curl mixing, capping, and more.
  • Lash direction and precision placement are focus of this course.
  • Students can expect a comprehensive curriculum, covering isolation techniques, lash selection, directional patterns, styling fundamentals, fill procedures, capping and feathering and much more. Implementing skills learned in this course will prepare you for more advanced techniques in our Volume and Mega Volume programs
  • History of the Lash Industry
  • Curl and Diameters 101
  • Lash Types and Finishes
  • Weight Ratio for Lash Health
  • Adhesive Selection
  • Sanitation and Sterilization
  • Eye Conditions and Contraindications
  • Workplace Set Up
  • Lash Artist Health
  • Client Preparation
  • Client Assessment and Record Keeping
  • Isolation Techniques
  • Lash Layer Styling
  • Tweezer Selection and Control
  • Lash Direction and Base Placement
  • Adhesive Control
  • Fill Appointments
  • Removal
  • Aftercare
  • Service Menu Pricing
  • Retail Revenue

What you will get.

  • A full Lash extensions Kit

    Kit includes:

    • 1x Vanity Case 
    • 1x Classic -  Edition Tweezers
    • 1x Isolation -Edition Tweezers
    • 1x Medical Grade Certified Lash Adhesive
    • 1x Cream Glue Lash Remover
    • 1x Primer
    • 1x Lash Cleansing Kit
    • 100x Micropore brushes
    • 100x Lash Wands
    • 10x Disposable Glue Palettes
    • 1x Eyelash Extension Mirror
    • 100x Gel Pads (50 pairs)
    • 1x Practice Doll Head 
    • 10x Practice Lashes 
    • 21x Pairs Eye Mapping Pads 
    • 2x C-Mix 0.10 Classic Tray
    • 2x D-Mix 0.10 Classic Tray
    • 3x Classic Lashes: 1x C Curl 0.10 10mm, 1x C Curl 0.10 11mm, 1x C Curl 0.10 13mm
    • 1x Lash Shampoo kit
    • 1x link for Lash Extensions consent form

    For professional use only

  • Certification. 

Printing or Actual Certificate 


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